Written with clarity, sensitivity and thoroughness, Natural Hospital Birth offers the information and encouragement that can make a critical difference for new parents and their baby. This is essential reading, not just for those planning a hospital birth, but also for those planning a home birth, so they can be prepared for all eventualities. Natural Hospital Birth belongs in every midwife’s library. Very highly recommended.

Jan Hunt

Author, The Natural Child

I also was able to craft a one-page birth plan by using Gabriel’s anecdotes, examples, and suggestions about birth plans. I feel confident that even if I didn’t switch providers, I could have the birth I want in any typical hospital.

I’m a birth advocate. I’ve had three natural hospital births and one at a birth center. I’m also a birth assistant to Certified Professional Midwives. If you still feel, for whatever reason, that the hospital is the place for you to be, STUDY this book and DO everything it tells you to do and plan for. Don’t skip one single piece of advice!! And if you do what it tells you and consider all it says, you’ll be able to bask in your natural birth experience while in the hospital. :)

As my husband and I were getting ready for the birth of our first baby, this was by far the best labor book that we read. It is definitely intended for the natural birth crowd, but the emphasis is on preparing yourself and putting together a good team and keeping a positive attitude while still staying very much in control of your own experience. This is not full of scary statistics and horror stories of controlling doctors and medieval hospital policies. I loved this book for being practical and empowering.

In our case, we had a life-threatening emergency and had to have a stat c-section. But armed with the knowledge that I gained from this book and knowing that I had done everything I possibly could to have a natural birth, I was at peace with what happened. I was not left wondering if I could have done something differently. And this was not the kind of book that could make you feel like a horrible mother for having a c-section. I highly reccomend it to anyone thinking about trying for an unmedicated delivery.

Even for mothers who decide against completely natural childbirths, this book is still very valuable in psychologically preparing you for a life-changing experience. Had I read it in the past and followed Dr. Gabriel’s recommendations, I may well have prevented my own C-section.

I am now at the point that I am no longer afraid of birthing in a hospital. After I knew that I wanted to go as natural as possible, I started to prepare myself for battle. I hated the feeling of conflict and fear that I felt about it. I worried about fights with the labor nurses and hospital staff, and I worried about failing in my goals. It was as if I knew that deep down, I’d never get what I really want and then I’d have to live with that for the rest of my life.

After reading this book, I don’t feel this way. Instead of seeing the hospital as enemy territory, I’m viewing it as a sanctuary. I’m making it my own, and enlisting the staff to my team. Together, all of us–we will birth this child as naturally as possible.

I HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who wants a drug and intervention free birth. In a perfect world I would be having a waterbirth in a birthing center, but unfortunately my insurance does not support that and I have to have my baby in a hospital. I plan to use this book to make my birth experience the best it can be in these circumstances. This book has helped me put a lot of my fears to rest as well. I know that I can have a beautiful birth with the knowledge I have now. It doesn’t have to be a scary and dramatic experience. I am so happy I discovered this.

This is a wonderful book for those planning a natural hospital birth. For various reasons, we weren’t quite ready to go down the “home birth” path with our first baby, so we are choosing a hospital. Am I glad I read this book! It touches on everything you might need to know about how to navigate what can be a tricky accomplishment. It’s well-written and well-researched. I shared it with our Bradley Method Birth class, and my teacher loved it. Highly, highly recommended.

After reading, underlining, and re-reading Cynthia’s book, I felt so empowered that I could make informed decisions throughout the childbirth process given all of the knowledge I had now gained. 

I have never read a pregnancy book that I so throughly loved before! Okay, I loved Ina May’s guide to childbirth, but this one is absolutely amazing!!! I think everyone, no matter what type of birth you desire should read this book. This book explains birth in way that I have not read before, it speaks of the emotional impact birth can have on a woman, medicated or non-medicated. It goes through the steps of labor and birth, explaining them in a way a mother who has never given birth can read and be prepared.

It speaks of reasons for interventions, and reasons you could refuse or accept. This book is filled with birth stories of mothers, and the struggles or triumphs they faced throughout their births. This is not a book that is going to be too scientific for readers who struggle with that. This is a basic guide for the mom, who would like a natural birth. How natural it is, this book can explain how that varies for each woman.
I especially liked in the appendix a list of common interventions and how to avoid them. It was simple, educating and gives you the info and encourages your own research as well.

Overall, this book is such a wonderful guide for childbirth, I wish I could buy a copy to give each client! I give this book 5 large gold stars!!!

This book was incredibly helpful for a natural birth in a hospital. It clearly prepares you to have a voice for yourself in the hospital when they try to push medicine on you. Many of the examples that they shared in the book actually took place for me so I was more confident in myself and my beliefs to answer back without fear. In addition, I was better able to prepare my husband in what to expect as well weeks before the actual delivery. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is seriously considering a natural birth but in the safety of a hospital. It worked for me and helped me be mentally prepared for what transpired. A+ for this one.

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Natural Hospital Birth

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