How To Have A VBAC Natural Birth

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Percent of Women That Give Birth In A Hospital


Percent of Women Eligible for Natural Birth


Percentage of Births by Cesarean Section

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I also was able to craft a one-page birth plan by using Gabriel’s anecdotes, examples, and suggestions about birth plans. I feel confident that even if I didn’t switch providers, I could have the birth I want in any typical hospital.

Even for mothers who decide against completely natural childbirths, this book is still very valuable in psychologically preparing you for a life-changing experience. Had I read it in the past and followed Dr. Gabriel’s recommendations, I may well have prevented my own C-section.

After reading, underlining, and re-reading Cynthia’s book, I felt so empowered that I could make informed decisions throughout the childbirth process given all of the knowledge I had now gained. 


Natural Hospital Birth

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Natural Hospital Birth

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